Social Responsibility

At Fancy Kids we work hard to uncover what makes us, well, us. We carefully consider how we want to do business and what we can do to make the world a better place. We are part of a community of customers, designers and commerce partners that all strive to have a more meaningful impact on people, production and beyond.

·  Couriers with conscious ·

We team up with a range of couriers all over the world to deliver products to you. Each of our courier partners have been selected by us based on their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. So from click to delivery, your order has travelled a path as green as possible.


·  Eco-friendly packaging ·

Every purchase is lovingly wrapped in recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. Just like our ethos, our packaging is stylish and simple. We don't go for fussy or frivolous so you won't find any un-eco extras in our wrapping. Instead you'll recieve a wonderfully clean, minimal and beautiful package that's just as eco-concious as the product it protects.