Everything from the products we pick to the packaging we wrap them in is underpinned by our very own philosophy. We like to do things a little differently and create a shopping experience that's just that - an experience. Independent designers. Always unique. The best imaginations are always mainstream. Thats why we champion, support and feature fresh new designers. Our products are inspired by the world, by unique crafts and characterful creatives so we reach out and showcase the best children's fashion and lifestyle talent out there. Shopping with soul. Our focus on organically produced products and eco friendly business is so important to us. We believe there's a unique level of care, creativity and character that goes into producing stylish, organic pieces. And it's that ethos and awareness that we try our very best to pass onto our customers. From experimenting with new materials to using only recyclable packaging, we champion the lot. Community not customers. We have a to and fro with our customers that keeps us digging for more curiously creative products. We listen to them, involving them in how our business grows and operates. We're not tastemakers or trendsetters; we are avid enthusiasts searching for unique, stylish pieces that we can share with the people who appreciate the same things we do.